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Gift ideas for Teachers

At the end of the Year

Are you buying your child's teacher a gift this year? Has the class started a collection for one? When the summer holidays come around, students may want to give their teacher a small token of their appreciation. As a parent, you might be confused as to what type of gift would be appropriate on this occasion or how much you should spend. Whether your child's class is starting a collection for one present or your child would prefer to give a personal gift, we have some ideas that may help.

Individual Gifts

Everyone loves to receive a gift that somebody took the time and effort to make. They are thoughtful, inexpensive and are a great way to show a teacher your appreciation. Below are some DIY gift ideas that your child can make for their teacher.

Button and Paperclip Bookmarks
These little keepsake are a cute and inexpensive gift for your child's teacher. They are incredibly easy to make and will prove very useful to the lucky teacher who receives them. Teachers love stationery, right? Click here for more bookmark ideas like this one.

Apple and Caramel Dessert

Put your own spin on the old-style 'apple for the teacher' tradition, maybe even try a few for yourself! This modern take is chic & cheap and will put a smile on every teachers face. Get the delicious recipe for the caramel sauce here.

Cupcake Bouquet
Everybody loves getting flowers and chocolate on special occasions. Combine the two with this scrumptious bouquet of home-made cupcakes! Decorate with wrappings and ribbons to make it extra special. Find out how to make this bouquet here.

Home-Made Thank You Card
Handwritten letters of thanks will always be appreciated by teachers. Don't under estimate the power of a few kind words of praise from a child, it can be the best gift to receive!

Gifts from the whole class

If your child's class has decided to start a collection in order to buy one big thank you gift for the teacher then, normally, €5 per student is more than enough.The average classroom size is usually between 25 and 30 students, so you can expect there to be at least over €100 in the kitty!

Do try to keep this amount as small as possible. This arrangement works perfectly for small families, but remember that most families have more than one child in school and, most probably, are getting a gift for other teachers also. For larger families of 5 or 6 with children in school, if the collection goes up to €10 per teacher, this is actually €60 for the parents!

As for what to spend this money on, we suggest a voucher for a spa day or for a popular restaurant in your town would be much appreciated by the teacher. A cinema voucher is also a good idea for a gift.

Gifts from parents

You might want to show your own thanks to a teacher who helped your child through a difficult time during the school year and this is completely acceptable. A nice bottle of wine or a box of chocolates is more than enough and any teacher would be sincerely grateful to even have their good work acknowledged (the wine is just icing on the cake!).