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Cost of books at second level

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26/10/2010 08:20 - School Specific
Could it be that book publishers wouldn´t make as much money or am I just being cynical!

That said I know that a lot of the kids in secondary school write notes on their books and highlight important text and you can´t really do that with CDs. Also every child would have to have a laptop and presumably parents would have to fund them. Although I did read an article somewhere recently that all students in one secondary school are receiving laptops this year as a trial project - think it was funded by one of the IT companies rather than the dept of ed - may be wrong about this.

I agree with you, with all the developments in IT there must be a way of reducing the schoolbag load.

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01/11/2010 23:58 - School Specific
Susie, I don´t think you are being cynical. I´d say you are perfectly right.

Cost of books at second level           reply
22/10/2010 14:36 - School Specific
Just wondering why, with all the advances in IT, the school books are not on DVD?
It would mean that heavy schoolbags would be a thing of the past. It´s probably the publishers who are watching their profits.

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