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How can I check curent grades of my son?

How can I check curent grades of my son?           reply
23/09/2009 13:12 - School Specific (Locality: Cork)
we are new to Ireland and Irish education, can you explain me please i am a parent my son is at second year of a secondary school in cork but when i ask him do you have some grades since the beginning of the school year and he answered ´´no´´
where and how can i check his current grades? because then might be late at the end of can´t improve your grade it;s final.
in California at his school every student has his /her own account, id and a password so parents can go online it calls InClass and check the homework and the grades on each subject. also once for two weeks teachers send home a progress card with current grades then you can see at what you need to work harder to improve the grade by the end of semester.


re... : How can I check curent grades of my son?           reply
23/09/2009 15:59 - School Specific
We are only three weeks into the school year. It is very early days to expect grades, especially if your son is new to the school and the country.
Firstly, there is normally a Parent Teacher Meeting scheduled but you should have the date of that on the school calendar. If not. telephone the school. It would be a good idea to perhaps meet with the year head also. If you have particular questions, he/she may be able to check things out for you to put your mind at ease.
There may be mid-term tests at Halloween Break in some subjects while all subjects will be tested fully in December. Also, check your son´s copies for comments.

re : How can I check curent grades of my son?           reply
23/09/2009 14:17 - School Specific
Hi Lena,

There is no such system or anything even close to that in Irish schools. You can check your son´s copies to see how teachers marked his home/class work. If you have doubts or worries, make an appoinment with a particular teacher or the year head and talk to them. It might still be early in the year for the teachers to have an opinion about a new student though...

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