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**Going MAD** How Much

**Going MAD** How Much           reply
16/10/2014 11:59 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Cork)
Hi any help on this would be great, how much for 4 children from the same family to be minded in my home?

TWO after school 3.30-6.20

ONE Playschool child- comes to my house at 8.30am and I will drop to playsch at 9.30am and collect at 12.30 and mind him ontill 6.20pm {playschool is 5 minutes drive each way}

ONE 18mth old 8.30am - 6.20pm

Would need price for school holidays also PLEASE

re : **Going MAD** How Much           reply
16/10/2014 15:50 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Baby n playschool child I do 7euro an 70...add afterschoolers 15/20 each really. No food in those prices for me.
4 kids. Alot of work, esp wear n tear on your house..sometimes a different smaller family will pay as much as larger family..schools hols would be tough...cant see parents paying much more really unless they v well off n dont mind paying!
Have parents given u any idea of rate they looking at?

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