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3 yr old illness

re : 3 yr old illness           reply
13/05/2011 00:09 - Childrens Health
Get a multi-vit, especially vit C to help naturally fight off infections/illness. Ensure your child has shoes/slippers on throughout the day and that they are not in draft of window in the preschool (room tends to be very warm so window is opened but could be very drafty- also childs jumper taken off because of heat bu they forget about draft)

Childcare Worker

3 yr old illness           reply
29/03/2010 11:28 - Childrens Health
hi just looking for some advice my 3 yr old is in playschool and just seems to pick up every bug going, her younger sister does not pick up half the illnesses. My gp said she could expect to pick up 10 viruses a yr in playschool and it will even out when in primary school, but i cant help but worry. Anyone have any advice?

re : 3 yr old illness           reply
29/03/2010 17:38 - Childrens Health
If it´s any consolation, younger children, who are in close contact with others, seem to pick things up more. Creches, pre-schools and junior infants seem to be the most popular,

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