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5 year old daughter copies boy I am minding

5 year old daughter copies boy I am minding           reply
01/02/2016 11:00 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi all
Just wanted to see if anyone could help or give advice on a situation I have. I am minding a 5 year old boy in my home with my two daughters 5 and 2. Most days are quite good but recently my 5 year old has been copying the boy I mind a lot and not in a good way either. I know it is very normal for kids to copy others and learn to socialise etc but sometimes the boy I am minding can be quite naughty and my daughter thinks he is funny and copies him.
I have tried talking to her calmly explaining there is nothing wrong with copying others but at the same time it is important to be yourself. She is smart enough to know right from wrong too and even though she can see he is being naughty she will still copy him out of fun.
It´s getting frustrating for me. And Im not sure where to go from here. I dont want to be harsh. After all, kids are kids. But Ive always brought my kids up to be nice, kind and have good behaviour and my 5 year old is now ignoring these things because of the influence the boy has on her.
Can anyone share their similar experience with me or share advice. Anything at all!
All comments welcome :)

re... : 5 year old daughter copies boy I am minding           reply
01/02/2016 18:27 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hmm...I do have a reward chart in the house as it is for my own children.
But maybe I could do up another one, a seperate one for when we have children we mind in the house. Yes that sounds good. i will do that! :)
I dont know why I didnt think of it myself but maybe because the boy is not my child. But things will get worse if i dont nip it in the bud like you say.
And yes his mother is aware of his behaviour. He is actually a lot worse in his own home according to her and I see the change in him every day when she comes to collect him. he´s generally a good boy and he is very caring, just some days he´s a bit hyper and doesnt even hear others talking to him, in his own little bubble.
And when he is naughty daughter thinks he´s funny and joins in, even though she knows he´s naughty. His mother is aware of this too but how his parents treat him at home is entirely different from how i treat him in my home, and i dont intend to change that either. He is a 5 year old in my house, but once his mother turns up he is suddenly 2 again and talks like a baby to his mother :)
I cant tell his mother what to do with him at home. That´s her business. But I can raise any issues or concerns and she is happy to know about it.
Thanks again
I will do a separate chart :)

re : 5 year old daughter copies boy I am minding           reply
01/02/2016 17:26 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Could you sit them down together and draw up a list of playroom rules (making sure you get in bits the boy is proving difficult on) and turn it into an art activity and hang up. There loads child friendly lists of playroom rules on net including words like laugh etc. Then when behaviour occurs refer him to the playroom not fan time out but prefer something like oh we will have to leave the next thing youv planned till tomorrow. Big disappointment, pity etc...
I honestly think if it´s behaviour that isn´t tolerated in school than its behaviour you shouldnt have tolerate either, especially when affecting other/your own kids. Plus if not nipped in bud will get worse I´d imagine. Are parents aware? Working together can be very beneficial (but only if your relationship is a good working together one).

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