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A few questions on childminding

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29/06/2015 16:50 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Have you looked demand for childminder in your area and even for an insured childminder as it´s fair investment to open up.
Have a good read here n on your local county childcare committe n childminding Ireland. Contact if you do set up. They info on paying tax, prsi etc On website
The main areas youv to look are childminding insurance and the effects of it on your house and motor insurance. All costing money. You´ll need garda vetting, first aid n child protection. Also you´ll need certain amount equipment n toys n also wear n tear to your home n car has to be considered as extra cost...
As you selfemployed you work things how you want, it´s a service you provide, some parents feel they are paying you wages but this is a mindset youv to you decide do you offer food, charge bank hols, how much per hour, opening hours, who pays Toddler Groups fees, how parents pay n when etc..
Generally it´s €5 an hr one child, €8 for two, €10 For 3 but equally reg cmers saying they only give 10% sibling´ll meet plenty of hagglers so most experienced cmers will say these are most troublesome parents in future and should be avoided
If you supply food then careful attention must be given to cost of it as you could have fussy eaters or fads or huge eaters or mammy looking for expensive brands etc...same for fuel...
Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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30/06/2015 14:19 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thanks for your reply! I have first aid and am garda vetted as have worked in childcare for a good few years now. I am going to register with as have info pack from them and it seems to be a good deal. I have quite a bit of equipment already and my father is a financial advisor so fairly covered in regards to tax, keeping accounts etc thankfully! so my main concerns were demand in the area and what to charge. Going to try and assess demand over next few weeks.
Thank you for your quick response, really helped :)

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30/06/2015 18:06 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Ah so glad..I got loads help here previous when I set up...after you get your first child and first year paperwork etc over you´ll fly it...
If your the only registered cmer in your area, you´ll be in competition with the insured creche n the uninsured cmer so price accordingly.... you don´t have to cheaper than a creche.. .
Decide on a very suitable name for your business and register it with cro for € do fab stuff..I know reg childminders with magnetic car plaques n polo shirts etc, I haven´t gone this route as no need for me...definitely having a fb page is a must as is here n local advertising... My advice is don´t discuss prices over the phone, get them to fb your business page or get email off yourself time to think and also you can highlight your main selling point of insurance and low ratio...

A few questions on childminding           reply
29/06/2015 14:37 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Waterford)
Good Afternoon,

I am hoping to start up my own childminding business in my home this autumn. I am interested to know a few things I hope you can help me with. Firstly, what type of a fee do people usually charge for this service? Secondly, what hours are generally offered? Is food provided by the childminder or the parents? Thanks for your help!

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