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A long day?

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18/08/2016 08:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
This parent has everything well thought out with the terms youv listed. You´ll soon be cheesed off with it all if you need the money or worse if you find you don´t like feeling used. Iv had one family on a pay as you use as theyd family who could mind so it was made very clear at initial phonecall and it worked fine as in reality I ended up with more days then originally planned over the years but there was times I´d be planning I´d work and pulled at last minute. It´s too easy to pull kids when you on a pay as they use. I´d only offer this if I´d fulltime child and so working anyway.
Offering a pay as you use for me means a higher rate when you the family. Are you insured, giving a contract as this will have a bearing on how much family will be happy to pay!

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18/08/2016 11:06 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Wow! To be honest I would avoid!
Assuming you´re registered, insured, vetted with first aid etc you´re running your own business
You may find it had to fill the other 3 days, as for those "terms" you´re in control of that!!
If the child can´t come they should ABSOLUTELY pay!
Re holiday pay or bank hols
If it is their hols I would charge as you are still available
I personally don´t charge for my holidays but many do!!
It sounds like this is bit of a nightmare situation waiting to blow up
If you want to go for it have an iron clad contract (as MinderOfChild suggested) and a holding fee of minimum 3 weeks ( to prevent them not turning up and pulling kids out)

A long day?           reply
18/08/2016 07:44 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Kildare)
Hi, just looking for some feed back on what to charge for 2 small children 1 is 7 months and the other is almost 2, hours are 6.50am-7.00 it´s a 12 hour day 2 days per week with no holiday pay, no bank holidays and no sick pay if either parent or child sick and is booked in, just pay for when children with me, I would love to feedback from other minders.. Thanks

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