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Absent from school

re : Absent from school           reply
26/10/2006 22:27 - School holidays / Inservice
Hi Annie, that´s pretty standard if the roll was taken before she arrived. The roll can not be ammended for an reason once it has been marked.

re : Absent from school           reply
16/09/2007 17:00 - School holidays / Inservice
Roll has to be called in the morning, after a certain amt of time,legally the school must mark anyone absent ,if they are not in at that time..some schools , if they know in advance that the child won´t be in until later , might leave a space and mark them in..however, the cigire takes a dim view of this, I hear

Absent from school           reply
26/10/2006 20:43 - School holidays / Inservice
One morning recently my daugher didn´t get to school till about 11 am (for genuine reasons). I was advised by the school that even though she attended for part of the day she would still be marked as absent for the full day. Is this general practice in most schools?

re : Absent from school           reply
30/10/2006 23:08 - School holidays / Inservice
I think if you can phone the school as early as possible and explain the reason for lateness, you can still be marked in as present. similarly, if a doctor/dentist appointment is early morning, tell the school and you can be marked present.

re : Absent from school           reply
07/12/2006 20:42 - School holidays / Inservice
I beg to differ! If it is to comply with health and safety then your daughter MUST be marked as present for at least the part she is there. The roll system needs to be changed NOW! Of course it can reflect latenes - but someone may encounter extra work because of it but that is irrelevant to Health and Safety - It is the Law not a choice. Get onto your school Immediately as this is unsafe practice.

concerned Frances

re : Absent from school           reply
08/02/2007 10:47 - School holidays / Inservice
It´s essential that the role is amended. If the school has a fire/fire drill one child may not be counted, as they usually just count numbers and tie it back to the role.

In our school at least one teacher is nabbed by the principal before a fire drill to ensure that all procedures are followed through.

The teacher counting the class wouldn´t know that an extra child had come in late and that this child wasn´t on the role.

Hope this makes sense.

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