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Advice needed

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13/03/2015 08:30 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Im unlucky in that none of the parents coming to me are in favour of playpens.I personally think they are a great thing. Yesterday on the advice of a friend i let her whinge a bit and eventually she realised it wasnt working and started to interact with the toddler and investigate the toybox herself! She is an only child and they have told me she is the very same with them in the evening so she is passed from mammy to daddy. I must say that is a good idea going to a toddler group its something i wouldnt have realised i could do. There is a weekly one here in the village to the best of my knowledge.

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13/03/2015 07:36 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Have you asked parents what she like at home or perhaps they stay with her all the time...esp if only child...I go Toddler group n I see a nanny, one child about two sticks to her like glue, she says it worse in the house as child might wander off n then not see her n roars crying...
Iv a nearly one yr old n on the move, however she didn´t like my playpen but luckily I had bought a metal bar one last yr out of my grant n I tried her in that, she loved it so I bought a new mattress n iv great comfort...try everything you can think of use toys food bottle etc on floor, leave them out of reach n having to move to it might preoccupy her, does Toddler play with her...I never like mine to cry too much though although I´d have let my own definitely cry longer to let them sort things for themselves...

Advice needed           reply
12/03/2015 12:04 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi all.. just wondering if anyone can offer me any advice. I am at present minding a one year old baby who is fine if i carry her around or have her on my knee. However she tends to cry a lot if put down on the floor to play with her toys. As I mind another toddler it is impossible to give her 100% attention. Has anyone else here experienced this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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13/03/2015 14:39 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thanks for all the advice re:toddler groups I must look into it here in the village. Today was the best day yet with the little one year old. She is walking started on her 1st birthday 2 days ago! Shes a doll really. Played with all toys today,and actually giggled for the first time. Shes here 4 weeks now. Definitely time to get the grass cut as it looks like we may have some good weather days! The 2 year olds love playing outside but im always more nervous when theyre outdoors i have to say.

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13/03/2015 12:58 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
My first mum who was here 2yr n a week didnt want her child goin toddler group for fears of germs so my own kids missed out on what I now know to be a great experience...only last week I had a parent ask to switch days to toddler group day as her child raving about it...I can go to two different ones in village hall settings also, one better than the other, €5 n €2.50 per centres are €6 approx per child so too expensive...
as for playpens I suppose parents have fear of child sitting in one all day not stimulated but equally then they should be afraid of a cot, buggy, high chair or a walker as all can hold kids for lenghty periods of time..Iv always used them for babys own safety from themselves, the environment n other kids while at same time my comfort...isnt that mum lucky shes daddy to help hold the baby...
I do in my day what id do with my own be it at home or on an outing...
I read lately re a worker on a trial in a creche baby room with 7 babies (others said this illegal), the mind boggles as a crawling baby needs full attention....

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