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Advice please regarding wages

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25/06/2014 10:02 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
yes too low .meet with mother and show her the break down per hour.
maybe she thinks your dont mind working for such a low wage.
not all parents pay such low rate most are fair.

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25/06/2014 10:41 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi best way is to plan your figures re your hours, number of kids etc. Put amount and details to her and be happy to allow movement downwards...I wouldnt let her know that 170 was too low etc just that now with full daycare needed for all children, a review of your working agreement is needed......arrange meeting in your own time without children. 250 is way too low....

Advice please regarding wages           reply
24/06/2014 22:41 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
So currently in a new childminding job last 2 months, as of next week kids will be off school so will have 4 kids. As of now I´m getting €170 for 40 hour weeks, at first thought it was ok as was only 1 child all day two most of day and other 2 few hours but when I really sat down to calculate it really isn´t enough. This was for 2 children mainly would have older two for a brief few hours but not all day. The day is 9-5. My pay is to go up as once all 4 kids are home for summer, can someone please give me advice as to negotiate pay in a way that I am getting enough to get by. I´m not lookin for an extravagant amount, but for 4 kids €170 just isn´t enough. I really like the family and don´t want to upset things but it´s now or never if I don´t say something they will think I´m happy with the money and it will only get harder. Can somebody advise me how to approach this and a reasonable amount to ask for? Realistically I´ve done the calculations and I can´t survive on less than €250, got this in my last job for two kids for same hours with an early Friday finish including days of I got a phonecall to say that I wasn´t needed I´d still get paid (this was a kind gesture from parents I didn´t ask for it) and was plenty for me, so 4 kids should be more right. It is in children´s home, no housework but preparation of meals tidying up involved. I´m a nervous wreck thinking of having the conversation but I´m expecting them to broach the subject and need to say it straight up. Thanks a million.

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25/06/2014 08:40 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
your on 4.25 an hour thats an are minding four kids for 170 a week.did they offer this amount originally.they may be nice and stuff but they are dead wide chanced their arm.babysitters get around 6 euro an hour.for minding four kids in their own home you should be getting at least 10 euro an hour.250 for 4 kids still isent right you should ask for around 350 a week.let us know how it goes.

re : Advice please regarding wages           reply
25/06/2014 10:10 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thanks girls. Well see it´s that price for the moment as I haven´t got all 4 kids full time, youngest all the time second youngest most of the day older two for 3 hours. But still very cheap. Honestly it´s my own fault too during interview I got nervous and was desperate for work so stuttered and stumbled over price, stupidly agreed without working it out. A stupid mistake I know! :( but now I have all 4 and no even mention of my wage going up I thought we would have discussed it in advance. I feel sick to the stomach at the thought of confronting her even though I know I´m dead right! I´m willing to work cheap enough honestly but I need to be getting something that makes it worthwhile. :/

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