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Advise needed what to do

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17/07/2015 11:27 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I´m bit confused on things but I do €8 an hr for two with no food but this entirely depending on your area it seems...add up the hours n multiply by for late collections Im aware very strict on collection time as nothing worse... You need to induce a late fee if regular occurrence... Will stop it happening immediately...have parents never included a little something at end of week...

Advise needed what to do           reply
17/07/2015 09:39 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi all,

I have an issue, I have brother 7 & sister 5, I have these kids since the 5 year old was 4 months old and the 6 year old was 2, These where my first kids to mind and I was only starting out, at the time no one would give me rates & I´d no idea what to charge for siblings. The 7 yr old is in school & will now finish at 3.15pm, the 5 yr old is starting primary school in sept she started play school when she was only 2, my rate for 1st child has been €25 from 12.30 to 6-6.30pm full day rate for this child €35 and for 2nd €15 from 2.15pm until 6-6.30pm full day rate for this child €20. I do school pick up, supply all meals & snacks & do home work, on occasion they have not been collected until 7pm a couple of evenings it was 9pm & I never charged overtime. Can anyone please advise if I should reduce these rates from sept for the after school service, I really do not know what to do. A year after I started I decided to set a rate as I´d more experience & had completed some courses, I now have a fixed rate for full days, sibling discount and an hourly rate as some parents only work a few hours during the day & perfered an hourly rate. One more point the 7 yr old is Autistic and has been extremely challenging, they only got the child diagnosed 6 months ago after years of me telling them I really felt the child had development problems, things have settled since the child was diagnosed as now we can deal with it as we know the problem the only issue now is they don´t want to inform the school they don´t want the child treated any different but I´m stressing they need to know, to poor child is been branded as a bold brat and its not fair..... They can be very black & white, Any advise would be great thank you LGuil

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