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Afterschool Care Payments

Afterschool Care Payments           reply
24/05/2013 12:19 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi All,

I´m currently running a small afterskool club from my house. I have 4 kids and its going brill but just have a quick question regards payment when their not in. I have a set weekly figure during school term so if child goes to friends house/ has a party and doesn´t come into me I still get paid which parents are happy enough with. However during school Holidays/mid terms etc parents want the flexibility of sending kids in when they want and when their kids aren´t in their not willing to pay. I have said that they can have 10unpaid days a year (excluding xmas hols when i take time off @ my own expense) but they want as many days off as they wish and some I might only know of a day or two in advance. Is this reasonable, I feel its not because this is my weekly wage and as a small business I depend on having the kids in during holiday times aswell. does anyone else hav any experience on this and how did they handle it?

re : Afterschool Care Payments           reply
24/05/2013 23:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
hi there.some creches i know dont charge for the holidays. .have u got anything covering holidays in ur contract. if not i dont know where u will stand on this. ur an after school club.but whats to stop u taking them for longer over the holidays.people still need minders over the school holidays .more than likely they would start work at 9 or 10.and finish at 5 or 6.if you charge 5 euro a head.9 to 5.that could work out at 180 a day.most people take 2 weeks if you cant take them full time you could mention a holding fee.

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