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AntiBully Firefly Mobile phone

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29/07/2010 09:15 - Bullying
That´s great and about time! The technology is very simple so theres no reason why every phone shouldn´t have it. I have noticed my own phone, a samsung SGHJ700 has a "reject list" and a "text reject list" which has really come in handy! Although it doesn´t block every number you do not know, it blocks up to a total 10 numbers. I know most of my friends don´t have this but I´ve heard that mobile phone networks have a number and you text the number you want to block to them and it blocks it.

AntiBully Firefly Mobile phone           reply
25/02/2010 15:35 - Bullying

Just wanted to post and let people know that a Firefly "Flyphone" mobile phone has saved my DS(11) from textbullying. Its a normal mobile but you can lock out all numbers not saved in his phonebook so no more texts. It has brought him back out of himself after a torrent of disgusting texts, but it makes me boilover as had no other option thanks to the networks not caring. Just think the phone should get a plug..and no I dont work for them (or anyone else for that mater!!).


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