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Arranging work during school term...

Arranging work during school term...           reply
14/10/2010 20:51 - School Specific
Just looking for some advice - my son will be starting school next year and I´m just wondering if anybody has any opinions on which working arrangements work best...
At the moment I work a 4-day week (8am - 4pm) - off on Wednesday´s. I´ve been told that my company will consider changing that to 5 short days next September (9am-3:30) so that I still work in or around the same hours.
I just can´t figure which arrangement would work best - with the short days I should be able to drop him to school but wouldn´t be able to collect him.
Any views?
thanks a million

re : Arranging work during school term...           reply
18/10/2010 21:57 - School Specific
If you were to start work later, would it mean that you could drop your son to school every morning? (or is that a difficulty for you at present?)

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