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Asking for a Four Day Week

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07/01/2011 11:12 - Miscellaneous
Thank you for that


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05/01/2011 21:10 - Miscellaneous
Ask him for parental day leave for the 1 day a week. Alot of parents get it now a days. My sister works in Hewlett Packard & she gets 1 parental day off each week- non payed ofcourse. But gets it no problem.

Asking for a Four Day Week           reply
05/01/2011 21:06 - Miscellaneous (Locality: Dublin North)

I´m due back at work in March (maternity leave (first baby) will be up by then). I´m hoping to catch up with my boss next week to ask him for a four day week. I´m almost 100% sure he´ll say no straight out as his workload is just too much to handle in four days. I´ve been working with him almost 7 years and would like to know how I can persuade him to give me my four day week. What did any of you do in these circumstances? I know him extremely well. Majority of the time its hell working for him but other times are okay. I´m hoping to catch him in good form so may have a chance! Money is excellent which is keeping me in this post. But I really want a four day week. Company hasn´t given it to anyone else but what my boss says in the company is DONE. Help?

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06/01/2011 09:49 - Miscellaneous
Given what you say about your boss, your best chance of getting a positive response from him is if you also present him with a solution. If you simply ask him for a four day week all he will be thinking about is the problems it will cause. However if you can come up with some suggestions about how he can cover your work on the extra day you are more likely to receive a positive response. Also suggest that he trial the arrangement for a period of 3 or six months so that he can see how well it works before making a fuller commitment.

Good Luck!

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06/01/2011 09:16 - Miscellaneous
Yep, thank you. I had been thinking of asking for that also but I just reckon he´ll give me some other excuse. Most companies only give blocked parental leave, eg 1 week/2 weeks not days but will ask, I mean plead!

Thank you S


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