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Be aware..

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25/10/2013 09:42 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Best thing to do is move on from the situation, forget the parent. Its not your fault. You´ll have this type of thing in every job!!! Be glad its all over!!

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26/10/2013 13:41 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
nothing new had same thing last year,parents late 5times in two weeks 10mins
two hours in some cases, so i billed them 45euro ie 5euro per hour late.they were
not pleased, just left without in my contract with parents i get a deposit .also have in contact a charge for late arrival tiime.
my lovely familes i have now are a treat..... good things came from a bad
good luck.....dont be put off by your experience with this women not all parents are like her.wonder would she work for nothing eh me thinks not lol

Be aware..           reply
25/10/2013 00:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay

I was childminding three children for 225 per week. The mum (a teacher) arrived with absolutely nothing everyday, even though one was still in nappies. To cut a long story short... I wrote out a list of basic supplies of what I would need (nappies, wipes etc).

I also addressed the issue of constant lates which was on going, as I would never receive a phone call and got numereous excuses. Anyway, this was all done on a friday evening and that Sunday night I received a text message saying kids were sick. I text Monday night to see if I had kids Tuesday and got no reply.

This happened 7 weeks ago and I just think it is the height of ignorance to not have the decency to tell your childminder that you won´t be back. My friends, and neighbours think it is unbelievable. I know teachers in the school she teaches in and they also said they werent surprised so that says a lot. My partner thinks I had a lucky escape since he met her a couple of times and even predicted she would not be back after I addressed the issues with her.

I just wanted to let other childminders to be aware of these type of people. I am disgusted with how I was treated. I just wanted others to read about my experience and give me their opinions. You can PM me also. Thanks.

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