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Booking deposit refundable?? Galway

re : Booking deposit refundable?? Galway           reply
10/03/2014 20:17 - Pre-school / Montessori
I have had 2 children through preschool in the last 3 years in galway and have never heard of this. Definetly not right. Try ringing another school and see what they have to say about their own policy. I live in Corrandulla and will ask a few moms tomorrow and see if they have heard anything like this. Will keep you posted.

Booking deposit refundable?? Galway           reply
10/03/2014 16:31 - Pre-school / Montessori (Locality: Galway)
Hi, I´ve been asked for a booking deposit for my child starting preschool (free ECCE scheme) in a Galway city school in September and told it´s non-refundable. I checked citizens info and it says it must be paid back by end of October of the year he starts.

Can someone please advise? Am I entitled to ask for it back, or is this what preschools do?


re : Booking deposit refundable?? Galway           reply
10/03/2014 17:24 - Pre-school / Montessori
tell them what citizens advice told you.i know of a couple of places who charge 10 euro a week for yoga and different things.but they also ask for the following weeks money in basically they are getting 80 a month.when they should only be getting 40 a they are making an extra 40 euro a month.on top of the free year thing.that dosent seem right to me.

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