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Childminder Notice Period

Childminder Notice Period           reply
08/08/2022 11:23 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures (Locality: Kilkenny)
Hi everyone,

I had a quick question in regards to childminder notice periods and was wondering what the norm is. We have had a childminder for the last year and a half but have decided to move our little girl to creche full time from Sept. This is because our childminder can no longer work the number of days we need. I have being using holidays and parental leave for the last few months to make up the shortfall but can´t continue to do that long term. Our contract says 4 weeks notice but I gave her 6 weeks notice. Her agreed finish date is 19th August. She was due to go on holidays on August 22nd (and we normally gave her full pay for her holidays) and she is expecting full pay for that week even though she would be finishing up with us the week before? I think as a good will gesture we will pay it but we already pay her full pay for her holidays/sick pay etc. and tbh I don´t think this is even the norm? She has already had a good few holidays and whatever holidays we have taken ourselves on top of that also. Was wondering what others experiences were and if I´m being unreasonable by being annoyed with the current situation! Thanks :)

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