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Childminder pay

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14/03/2016 18:31 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
It´s always been the case a nanny (a childminder is selfemployed in childminders own home and responsible for own tax affairs) is seen as a domestic worker in the child/rens home in the eyes of revenue and so are absolutely entitled to minimum wage (at v least), contract, pay slips, holiday pay etc, all the responsibility of the family, ie the employer. It was the family running the risk of revenue finding out...mainly through somebody reporting them which can be easily done online ominously or a sacked nanny seeking benefits and then family found themselves paying fines and unpaided prsi payments due...there´s also the risk of a family needing pay any welfare payments the nanny wouldn´t have been able claim had the family registered as her employer and this has happened. Also risk of a nanny having an accident on family home and not being covered as home insurance company needs to be informed of worker.
I see other forums discussing your concerns and yes, quite simply a precedence has been set in the case of au pairs...Ireland may now see the cash in hand nanny suddenly willing to sue family for minimum wage. It´s family responsibility to act accordingly to revenue/laws in place.

Childminder pay           reply
14/03/2016 11:49 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Do parents have to pay minimum wage to childminder they hire to mind in their home and can they be taken to court to pay back pay like what´s happening with au pairs?

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