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Childminders Talk to me about sick policy Please!

Childminders Talk to me about sick policy Please!           reply
02/02/2013 14:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin North)
Need some clarification from minders in their own homes re sickness.
What do you consider too sick to take? Are you obliging untill a temperature or vomiting for example is present?

I have been reading about alot of issues regarding minders being left with sick children lately and am wondering what do you all do? (I like to keep a fair policy)

re : Childminders Talk to me about sick policy Please!           reply
03/02/2013 17:33 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I personally don´t mind if the children have colds/coughs, runny noses etc. If they have something like an ear infection thats not giving them too much trouble and is not contagious then I´m happy to take them and give them an antibiotic if needed. However my policy states that I won´t take them if they have a temp of 38 or more or if they have vomitting/diarrahoa or if they have something contagious ie conjuctivitis, hand foot and mouth, impetigo, chicken pox etc. I´ll take them back 24hrs after the last vomitting/diarrahoa and 24hrs after they´ve started an antibiotic (though in the case of impetigo its usually 48hrs as thats how long it takes after starting antibiotics for it to stop being contagious). In the case of chicken pox if a child is not ill with them and if the parents of the other children in my care are ok with it then I will take them as myself and my own kids have had it and with the other children they´ve most likely been exposed anyway so mostly their parents are ok with it.
I try to be as accomodating as possible as I know that parents can´t take too much time off but I have to think of all the children in my care and make the best decision.

re : Childminders Talk to me about sick policy Please!           reply
04/02/2013 00:06 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
well if you mind children from other families you must think of them too.
vomiting bugs and such child stays at home in my service.
if your doing a policy on illness a short line on infection prevention and control is deffo needed.
you do not want your service getting a bad name because some parents do not want to take time off for ill child .eats into summer holidays for some.
you may find a copy of sickness policy on line ,think thats how i wrote mine
some years ago.
good luck

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