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07/01/2015 12:22 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Clare)
Hello there

Just wondering if anyone would have an idea of what to pay a childminder who will be working in her own home 8-5 Monday to Friday. She doesn´t mind any other kids but has two herself that attend primary . I have no clue as this is my first child and I will be returning to work soon (still on maternity leave ). She will be 6 months old by the time I go back ..
The trouble is the woman is a really really good friend of mine and we visit each other´s houses quite regularly. She is the one who asked me if she could mind her a few months back .. I´m delighted as I know my little girl will be well looked after it´s just I don´t want to offer her money that´s inadequate I just want to give her whatever everyone else would get in this situation. I work school hours so I would not need her during school holidays which is great as her kids will be off then to keep her occupied !
Please any help would be greatly appreciated

Have a nice day

re : Childminding           reply
07/01/2015 18:47 - Ask Mother Hen
Its normally 5euro an hr but you could ask her what rate she thinking about...its great you feel happy re your friend but please ensure you have a clear contract re everything as resentment, conflict etc can quickly develop and spoil your has your friend any experience, first aid etc...many people cming dont realise the seriousness of what they undertaking, taking money for a service..

re... : Childminding           reply
07/01/2015 21:43 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for your comment ....
Ya your right will discuss everything in the next week or so not back to school for 7 more weeks. She has all the childcare qualifications and is a qualified SNA too so I´m more than happy with her knowledge regarding first aid etc . Thanks again you´ve made some very good valid points 😄

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