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Childminding Rates

Childminding Rates           reply
02/10/2014 20:48 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi there,

Have been reading through many of your posts & reply´s and it´s like when I use to watch ´who wants to be a millionaire´ on the telly, I´d be shouting the answers at the other words I´m reading your threads and replying out loud to you, instead of actually putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) so I´d thought I´d make some contribution.

Having been a parent that needed a childminder to now being a parent that minds other people´s children I can understand both sides of the coin but to be honest I feel that if you can find a childminder that enables you to go to work with 100% piece of mind then you should make sure to treat them well with a good rate of pay, holiday pay, bank hols etc...just like you as an employee expects to be treated in your job!
How would you feel about being paid LESS than the minimum wage and not getting holiday/bank hols pay??
How would you feel about having your rate of pay cut even though you´re still doing the same hours (but one or more of the children may now be going to school)??
How would you pay your mortgage/bills if you might be working 3 days one week then only needed 1 day the next week (due to flexi-hours or child/ parent sick or they have a family member taking the child/children and they don´t need you and so only pay you for one day?

Also just like in any normal job, rates of pay should vary depending on experience/qualifications etc., so reckon any parent looking for advice on ´what to pay´ should take this into consideration as rates on these posts can vary big time!!!!

Every childminder should know that they are valued and appreciated and not settle for less!!!
Every parent should be 100% happy with their childminder and equally not settle for less!!!

Happy Childminding :)

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03/10/2014 11:28 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
i was minding 2 boys a few months ago.from 2.30 till 6.30 most times it ran till 7 oclock.i was getting 45 euro a day( 3 days)the summer holidays came along and after the first week i was handed my wages.i dident check cos i thought they would have sorted out the extra 16 hours.when i got home i noticed i was handed 135 euro same as afterschool hours.i dident think much of it as i thought they had made a mistake.i called over the next day to sort it out but was told they couldent afford to pay for the extra hours.they dident pay when they took a holiday for a week.i wasent to bothered about the weeks holiday but how can anyone expect a childminder to work an extra 16 hours and think that you wont bring up the subject.they looked at me as if i was mad for even bringing it up.i told them there and then that i wont be back they said they want a weeks notice.i said no im not working another 16 hours and not getting paid for it.why do some people think that you will work 9/10 hours a day for the same rate as afterschool.

re : Childminding Rates           reply
03/10/2014 10:21 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Sometimes it depends on what parents can afford...iv turned away many a family n lovely kids but just couldnt mind their child or children due to ratios. I cant give space if better paying child available. Childminding is a business for me. It cruel to meet parents afterwards.
as for holiday, bank hols, etc I dont charge them..douth id have any work if thats the case..I only charge if part timer cancelled if id any expense in them booking in n parents genuinely believe me. Some day rate kids off whole summer but thats life.
I do a couple special offers that keep me busy...childminders need to run themselves like a business and they will be paid properly and respected.

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