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Childminding at home. Advise please

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06/06/2014 20:42 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thank you very much for all the tips! I will look into all this!

Childminding at home. Advise please           reply
04/06/2014 12:44 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin North)
We are about to move into a big country house with a big garden, and I want to offer childcare. A kind of home away from home. I have my own two daughters (3y and 16m). I would be able to provide the meals. I´m thinking mainly young children, I would take siblings together otherwise stick with one at the time for the start. Unless on some particular days, I probably wouldn´t offer any pick ups and drop offs. Would not mind what days and times though (just it has to be properly arranged from the start). I

I looked into what I would need for this; it seems garda vetting is only done with organizations..
I will do a first aid course before I start..
Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
I think about 5 euros per hour would be fair? 8 for 2. 10 for 3 siblings? Too much?

Any tips? Anything I should know about?
Any advise more than welcome. Thank you!

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04/06/2014 16:22 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
If you cash in hand, its simply a matter of getting a child/family to work for!! There are ratios though to follow as people will very quickly know your business. Iv always found them tricky to follow as Iv my own small ones and some say they counted, other not.
If you declaring the income (you can make €15k with no tax paid, only PRSI of now unfort €500 and you cant mind more than three together). You should have a read of your county childcare committee website and contact them for info, they do an initial visit and point out stuff you need to sort re health/safety, contract/working agreement policies n procedures etc. You can voluntary notify (few kids) or statutory notify if minding good few kids. There has just been announcement of funding also from the DCYA. Putting a name on your business also adds to the professionalism of it all.
You need first aid and garda vetting and insurance (€155 includes membership fee to childminding ireland and insurance with KIDD insurance). If you bring mindees in car, you need motor insurance...different packages as in are you taxi for kids schoolruns or only having a baby in your car while you out and about, big difference in price though.
€5 an hr for 1 child is what I try n stick to but long day or full week parents will look for a discount...I dont charge for bank hols/holiday pay as I simply never hear back from family again. Teachers I stick to the €5 in these cases as I dont charge for holiday time. Any haggling on price dont entertain it at all.
I do €7 an hr for two siblings but round the figure down to the nearest tenner figure and I dont quote for three/more as just too much work, I just say Im full. The wear and tear on your house will be noticeable enough soon, no matter how organised or careful you are.
I also have all parents bring all food/drinks etc and all nappies, wipes, creams etc. if you registered, this also means no HACCP or the three week menu plan.
Experience is the main will open your eyes. Unfort the childminding sector seen as very inferior etc. Have a good read of all threads on forum like here and other Irish sites, Iv also read alot of info on OFSTED and UK childminders.
Good luck with it all!!!! Childminding great when you want to spend the days with your kids and enjoy them!!! People say you wont be rich but if you willing to do the hours....

re... : Childminding at home. Advise please           reply
04/06/2014 21:32 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
minderofchild did you actually have to pay 500e prsi???? im registered with revenue and my prsi is only about 250e that´s all they charged me

re... : Childminding at home. Advise please           reply
05/06/2014 10:39 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
It went up in last budget, its one of those sneaky changes, hoping when it filters down there will be uproar, its a 50per cent increase but so few pay it...wasnt it only 450 childminder in the country declaring their income when discussion re the granny tax came up few months back......., I got a letter from my childcare commitee unfort....I remember checking other websites far as I remember revenue hav updated their website.....

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