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01/07/2013 21:57 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Meath)
Hi I´ve just moved to ireland from scotland. Previously i was a childminder in scotland, i´m just wondering what the childminding scene is like in ireland. So any childminders please, you are welcome to give your input. In scotland we have very strict regulations and the paperwork is quite a lot as we get inspected every year, sometimes without much notice in advance! We have policies in place and have various training throughout the year. The limits for childminding children your own home is 6; 3 children under 5 years out of which only 1 child under 12 months. 3 children over 5 years. The limit of 6 children is including the childminder´s own kids too. In my case i have 3 of my own children so was only childminding 3 children.

What are the limits here? I´m not sure if i will be childminding here yet as it wasn´t easy when i did child mind before as my children are still young (2,6,8 years). Nevertheless i did enjoy it plus my children made some good friends.


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