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Childminding yes or no?

Childminding yes or no?           reply
04/12/2013 00:24 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures (Locality: Dublin South)
Hi I am thinking of childminding as I really love caring for children and would like to work from home. I work part time in an office but find I am missing dd. Dd is 12 months now and would love the company. My house is spacious and child proofed and df works days so its just dd and I. What I´d like to know is it frowned upon if I have never worked in a crèche before? I will do a course in first aid if I decide to go ahead with this but would just like to know if any childminders have any advice for me? I´m not thinking of this for the money but i do need some type of income to keep the lights on! how much do you charge? Any info is appreciated!

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