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Childmnder rates for 3 children?!

re... : Childmnder rates for 3 children?!           reply
05/01/2015 15:52 - Announcements
10euro per hr for 3 kids..,.quick calculation I came at 62 so id be at 65euro a day, im assuming school not too far dont charge for nat sch hours but do for playschool, also discuss what happens if ur nat sch child off school, rate per hr rural but do have full insurance including motor so my rates are not negotiable...but have a look around and see what minders are charging in your area..,do draw up a clear contract re holidays, days off, etc...

Childmnder rates for 3 children?!           reply
04/01/2015 19:28 - Announcements (Locality: Dublin West)
Hi there,

I know there are lots of posts already about child minding but i guess every case is different so I need some advice! How much would be reasonable to pay a childminder in her own home for 3 children Monday-Friday 8.15am -3pm eldest is 6 and would need to be dropped to school at 8.50am and collected at 1.30pm, my daughter attends play school from 9-12 so needs to be brought and collected, and I have a 6month old who will be with her full time . I´m not sure if there should be a daily charge or a separate fee per child??

Thanks s million, Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

re : Childmnder rates for 3 children?!           reply
05/01/2015 10:20 - Announcements
I would charge 10euro an hr or part of when id have ur 3, 8euro when ur eldest in nat sch.,, most will charge for playschool child full dont offer any food in my rates...

re... : Childmnder rates for 3 children?!           reply
05/01/2015 10:39 - Announcements
Thanks a million. Do you mean €10 per child? And would you charge for the eldest for during school hours or just for the drop off etc on the morning and 1&1/2 hours after pick up?
Thanks, just trying to get a sense of how much it will cost and if there´s any point in me going back to work!

re... : Childmnder rates for 3 children?!           reply
06/01/2015 09:05 - Announcements
That´s great, thanks so much for all your advice - really appreciate it😉

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