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Chilminding rate

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08/07/2015 21:14 - How much should I charge or pay
Average rate, €5 for one an hr, €8 for two, €10 for three...however it appears Dublin rates are now €8 for one so judge your area, you´ll know if your getting work if your rates are right... I don´t offer any food or change bank hols or holiday pay but as your self employed draw up your own terms...

Chilminding rate           reply
07/07/2015 11:24 - How much should I charge or pay (Locality: Kerry)
I am childminding at the moment fully trained by local County childcare Committee. What are the usual rates for childminding these day 9 hour day from early morning part-time. Also do childminders in general get paid for time off (holidays). Any help would be grateful. I would be giving the breakfast and the main meal in the day, snacks would be supplied by parents.

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