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Daily rate/gy rate. 3 kids

Daily rate/gy rate. 3 kids           reply
30/01/2018 21:59 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin West)
Hi all,
Can other minders or mammies help me out on a rate for the below.
Minding 3 kids ages 2, 3 and 4 from 8am until 430 pm.
In childminders home with meals supplied by childminder.
2 year old is all day. 3 year old goes to playschool 9-12. 4 year old is in school 9-1:30. Drop off and collections done by childminder.
Childminder not registered or paying tax.
Days off are not paid if taken by childminder but if parents take time off and don´t need minder they still get paid.
2 weeks holiday pay per year.
Bank holidays paid but nor worked
Between Christmas and new year is also paid as parents are off.
Think that´s all the details. I´m just confused as I don´t know if hourly rate is reduced for siblings or if the hours the kids are in school should be fully paid or how people work that out. Thanks in advance.

re : Daily rate/gy rate. 3 kids           reply
31/01/2018 20:38 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
How many days a week?...if part days are they set days or flexibility required?

re... : Daily rate/gy rate. 3 kids           reply
31/01/2018 23:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Full time, Monday to Friday are days. 8am to 4.30pm.thanks

re : Daily rate/gy rate. 3 kids           reply
01/02/2018 01:47 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Should have asked if your cmer or parent.
Working/paying cash undeclared will eventually catch up with the childminder...especially in Dublin/larger cities as you´ll quickly be spotted and reported. However its the uninsured that´s the worrying bit, as insurance protects both childminder and the family/children. Providing insurance costs very little and can even be free so no excuse. If using a car on school runs a domestic (normal) car insurance policy doesn´t cover anyone when minded kids in the car. Insurance company will adjust the policy for declared childminder, costs from 150euro approx upwards depending on the car/driver in question so again not expensive. Has the childminder active first aid only 75€ every two years so again not expensive. Has she experience?
No self-employed person is entitled to bank holiday or holiday pay. So paying two weeks holiday aswell as Christmas hols and bank hols (9) will be quite a huge some of money based on three children (especially considering the childminder is taking undeclared income, majority of unregistered childminders are busy because they are cheaper than registered childminders and creche).
School age children its only hours needed but preschool majority if not all registered childminders charge for...unregistered there could be room for discussion but reports are its getting harder find unregistered offer school/preschool runs as they´ll be quickly identified as working. Plus creches/preschools have collectors down as name, position childminder (a way to cut down on unregistered childminders in their area who are taking children that could/should be in their care). I collect from a national school, this my third year and last Sept I´d to sign as a childminder for school to release the pupil to my care. Safeguarding/new child protection regulations were announced in late 2017 so things will only get tighter.
If you are the parent, for three children you´d be aswell to consider a nanny, especially as your paying holiday pay and bank hols to this considered childminder. You´ll have the convenience of not getting three children out the door and home plus with a nanny easier when one of the kids sick as can be minded at home by nanny. If your unregistered childminder says she´ll take sick kids run (especially if shes other minded kids as she can take one more preschooler without needing Tusla inspecting like any creche and afterschoolers, no childminder should have more than 6 kids at any one time as she is no longer a childminder then). You will get to work but your kids will constantly be sick and this will wear them down.
The rate depends on what the childminder asks as her rate, has she given a rate, realistic to what she offers. Or if your the childminder have you calculated a rate and any feedback on it?

re... : Daily rate/gy rate. 3 kids           reply
01/02/2018 06:43 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thanks for the reply. I am the parent. Reason I am asking is because I want to make sure I am being fair on what I pay my cm. Taking into consideration that I always pay bank holidays, 2 weeks holidays and pay over christmas. I think of this as a way to give a "bonus" because I genuinely am grateful to have such a fabulous cm. I´d rather not say what I pay per week on the forum but I can´t afford to increase wages and also continue with payment on days when kids aren´t there. But I want to be fair. I am also taking into account that cm is not registered so would expect a slightly lesser rate.

re... : Daily rate/gy rate. 3 kids           reply
02/02/2018 07:32 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Childcare is expensive, especially with three kids. You need to sit down with your cmer and come to an arrangement. If affordability is an issue cut out the hols/bank hols. A small voucher at christmas etc is more than enough or whatever you can afford. Ask can your minder offer pay as you use. She may charge slightly more per day but you can have unpaid unneeded days.
Price around other childminders/creches/community preschools if any in your area, I often see parents saying a childminder quoted €10 an hr for one child. Crazy thinking but they may get some desperate parent.
Its approx €5 an hr one child in an insured childminder, €8.50 two siblings, €5 before/after school. Most will do a day rate. Location has a huge factor through, contact your county childcare committee and childminding Ireland re rates in your area....

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