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Do you have a secondary school child with Asthma or Diabetes?

Do you have a secondary school child with Asthma or Diabetes?           reply
02/11/2015 11:06 - Childrens Health (Locality: Dublin North)
Hello! I am a final year student in Dublin Institute of Technology, I am doing a research project on Allergy and Chronic Illnesses such as Diabetes and Asthma Management in Secondary Schools.
There is currently no government led policy in Ireland, constant for all schools, and it is a massive problem. We are far behind other European countries and the UK and children with these illnesses are at risk in school.

Do you have a child in Secondary school in Ireland, with Asthma or Diabetes? It would be a huge step in the right direction if you could fill out a very quick survey, there is a separate survey for Diabetes and for Asthma.
Diabetes survey:
Asthma survey:

Please see the information sheet in the first comment below for more information.

I have also released another survey in another post, regarding allergy management in secondary schools for parents/guardians of children with allergies in secondary school.
Thank you!

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