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Do you have a secondary school child with an allergy?

Do you have a secondary school child with an allergy?           reply
02/11/2015 11:09 - Childrens Health (Locality: Dublin North)
Hello, I am a final year student in Dublin Institute of Technology, I am doing a research project on Allergy and Chronic Illness Management in Secondary Schools.
There is currently no government led policy in Ireland, constant for all schools, and it is a massive problem, we are way behind other European countries and the UK and it is putting children with allergies at risk. .

If you are a parent/guardian of a child with an allergy, currently in secondary school in Ireland, it would be a big step forward if you could fill out this very short survey:

If you have a particular interest in this issue and wish to carry out a short interview by phone, you can email me at:

Here are other surveys regarding chronic illnesses such as Diabetes and Asthma in secondary schools:

Diabetes survey:
Asthma survey:

Thank you

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