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Enrolment in primary school

Enrolment in primary school           reply
08/12/2008 22:28 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
My daughter is 18 months. Do I really have to start looking for primary schools at her age in Ennis?? I´ve been told I do but what do I do...! Do I enrol her in a few schools and hope to get one I want or what???!! Thanks.

re : Enrolment in primary school           reply
18/03/2009 16:52 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
By all means enquire from as many schools as you like but as soon as you´ve made your decision, notify the schools where you don´t intend sending your little one. I´ve heard of some people being very selfish and putting their kids names down in several schools , even places they have no intention of sending their child. My friend is a teacher and she said that in some areas it causes havoc because a school thinks they are having 50 pupils coming into Junior Infants so they arrange 2 Junior infant classes. By summer time they realise they only have 30 coming because some parents never notified them. What a mess for those schools! Best of luck with your choice of schools. I´m afraid I´m not familiar with schools in Ennis.

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