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28/08/2016 22:22 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
This ecce has really put childminders in a pickle, the two years will prove too much for childminders who have no choice but to reduce day rate while costs increase....parents are believing the spin from the government ie free preschool/childcare. Yet the cost (fuel, wear and tear of car, insurance, risk of being out on road/busy carpark etc compared to minding a baby) and hassle of school runs for a three hour period has to be considered. Be careful of your car insurance as you´ll be down in preschool as a collector of child, you may even have to sign for twins so domestic policy will not cover you.
If your mum was happy with €60, youv now school runs and a later finish surely she can understand where the increase is. Stand your ground if you can afford to have principles.

Fees           reply
28/08/2016 21:33 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Carlow)
Hi all have been minding twin girls for the past 6 months 8/3.30 charging 60 a day usually 2/3 days a children are entitled to the ecce year and mother wants me to drop them to me at 8 and i bring them to creche for 9.30 which is 14km from my house and back and mind them till 5 (2 days) and drop to me at 8 one morning and I drop no collection that has never been an issue I told her it would be 35 a day by 2 =70 x2 days that´s 140 and 20 to cover diesel and food total 160 same price for mid term less 20 for diesel don´t think she is happen looked shocked at me when I expaind price would welcome feed back please

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