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Flexible working

Flexible working           reply
12/11/2018 10:24 - Childrens Health
Sorry about this but I need to rant / vent my frustrations about my struggles to find a job. I REALLY want to work.
I am a senior Administrator and unfortunately this job title doesn´t earn a lot of euro´s and afterschool care just eats up anything earned so I have for months now been looking for part time Administrative work in South Dublin. Its virtually impossible to find. I could easily find full time work but there is no point, I wouldn´t earn anything because it would go straight to childcare and the stress of racing back would but a strain on my health.

Why do companies not see that experienced Administrators usually come with children and without flexibility on working hours we are being pushed out of the work force. I would happily work the last few hours from home so I could still do full time hours if needed.

I feel totally discriminated simply because I am a mother. Forced out of the paid workforce to take on the title of stay at home mum, where society believes you ´don´t work´ even though you don´t stop. I cry almost every day when I´m searching for jobs as I know that without flexible working hours as part of the job I simply cannot afford to work. I cannot even get the dole anymore and I passionately hate having to ask my husband for money.

Does anyone else feel like this?

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