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Fun way to reduce electricity bills

Fun way to reduce electricity bills           reply
19/07/2010 10:31 - Money Matters (Locality: Dublin South)
We got a Wattson energy monitor a few months ago and it has really helped me understand my family´s energy consumption at home. My bills have gone down each month now and I can even store the usage data and download it onto the free software, wittily named Holmes, every month - this part may just be for people like me who like to analyse all the details (no anorak provided!)
I now have a detailed profile of all my electricit use since March, which I can break down into months, weeks, and even every 5 minutes!
Its pretty slick looking too so my wife´s not embarrassed to have it in my living room and the kids have really learned from it also - the colour displays and cool-looking design measn it provides a fun way to get them to understand whats going on. Now theyre giving out to us when we leave lights on!!

Just thought Id share it with you guys anyway - we think its a great little help and reckon its already paid for it self


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