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Good primary school Cork

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12/07/2011 17:33 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Our son is in Glasheen and we are delighted. Its a lovely school and the boys are very happy there. The facilities are second to none and they always seem to be making further improvements. Our lad was doing jolly phonics in Junior infants and we could hardly believe how advanced he has become. The aftercare seems to be an excellent option also. Our second little guy is starting shortly so we will probably use the aftercare then. If you want any more info, let me know.

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09/07/2011 14:04 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
HermioneG, welcome to schooldays - I see you are a new poster and this is your very first post. Hope it is the first of many. I didn´t see this thread first time round so thanks for alerting us.

On the subject of UCC, perhaps you´re not aware of the vast numbers involved. UCC is now the largest employer in Cork (by a very long way), followed by Cork University Hospital (which has close links to UCC). With thousands employed there and many students who also have young kids, it´s hardly surprising. UCC has expanded hugely in the past few years, with thousands of new staff and students arriving each year. The number of new courses and departments is staggering.

Sadly, with the recession, this kind of growth and expansion is not evident in other industries, with a huge exodus from a variety of places of employment in Cork. I know of several people who have come to Cork in recent years, to work or study in UCC (the campus of which is now an expansive one). Hardly surprising then that many newcomers to Cork and UCC would be asking about schools.

To the OP, you are fortunate to have a good choice of schools in the area. Your best bet is to contact the schools in which you are interested and ask them about their facilities, aftercare options etc. Good luck.

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10/07/2011 14:14 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hello gifrim. I´m sorry that I hadn´t seen your original question either. I agree with goldylocks that u.c.c. is after growing beyond all belief and so many new people have arrived in the area as a result. I´m a bit confused by the random post you received as your first reply. There are many good schools in the area. It just so happens that my kids go to one of the schools you mentioned so if you like, I can pm you or vice versa and if I can answer any questions you may have, I´ll be happy to do so. We are very very happy with the school.

Good primary school Cork           reply
20/06/2011 09:23 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures (Locality: Cork)

We are searching for primary schools for our 2 year old son. We ideally want something near UCC, with an after-school option, but the emphasis is on good education, even if the after-school option is not available. I´ve been suggested St Josephs and Glasheen Cork. Any comments, experiences with these two and others are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much,

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08/07/2011 19:32 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures

A surprisingly, suspicious number of new users onto this website seem to be looking for a boys school near UCC.

I wonder why?

Hardly a coincidence is it?

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15/07/2011 19:09 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Both schools you referred to are good schools. I checked them and a few other schools out when I was searching. (In fact, I used this site some years ago). You won´t go wrong with either of them. I chose Glasheen and I have never had a single regret. It´s a busy school, with lots going on and the children have many activities from which to choose.

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