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Grades?           reply
22/09/2009 19:53 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
we are new to Ireland and Irish education, can you explain me please i am a parent my son is at second year of a secondary school in cork but when i ask him do you have some grades since the beginning of the school year and he answered ´´no´´
where and how can i check his current grades? because then might be late at the end of can´t improve your grade it;s final.
in California at his school every student has his /her own account, id and a password so parents can go online it calls InClass and check the homework and the grades on each subject. also once for two weeks teachers send home a progress card with current grades then you can see at what you need to work harder to improve the grade by the end of semester.

re... : Grades?           reply
14/10/2009 21:58 - Ask Mother Hen
In Ireland in secondary school there tends to be Christmas tests and Easter tests and those results are usually sent to you via a written report ... other than that you will get an update at the parent teacher meeting..... usually teachers don´t keep track of grades from homework or other work ..... but they will be in touch it they think your child can´t keep up with the class work or if they are not doing the homework

re : Grades?           reply
23/09/2009 10:41 - Ask Mother Hen
welcome to ireland!
the education system is a far cry from what you are used to! I think tour best option is to arrange a meeting with his class tutor to check on his progress. the system here is very different. i came from england and it was a real battle to establish any sort of communication with the school. i felt like i was a paranoid stalker mum all the time. the parent/teacher communication varies significantly from school to school but in general it is done with termly reports and annual parent teacher meetings.
best of luck

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