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Having real difficulty finding a registered childminder in Swords

Having real difficulty finding a registered childminder in Swords           reply
23/06/2017 23:02 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin North)
I don´t know if anyone can help, but, it would be so great if someone could offer us some advice. We are experiencing great difficulty in finding a registered childminder in the Swords area to mind our three children after school (and full time during school holidays). We want to avail of the subsidised childcare scheme for the first year, and in order to avail of this, you must have a registered childminder. However, this is proving extremely difficult to find. When I enquired about the subsidised childcare scheme initially, I contacted the Fingal Childcare to see if they would have a ´list´ of registered Childminders, I was shocked to receive reams & reams of paper with lists and lists of crèches and only FIVE registered childminders, with only three of them still actual childminders. The other two had stopped childminding years ago, but didn´t know how to get their names off the list. My children are almost 12, almost 8, and 4 years. And although the crèches are fantastic at providing Afterschool care and collection from school, i think there is a cut off point at certain ages, or my child may feel too old and out of place. Please can someone offer me advice. Many thanks.

re : Having real difficulty finding a registered childminder in Swords           reply
25/06/2017 09:25 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Your are looking for a Tusla registered childminder for four or five preschoolers for the childminder to offer the ACS. This was stipulated by Minister Zappone. The fact there are notified insured childminders for three or less preschoolers but who can´t register with Tusla as they only inspect the four/five preschoolers.
Further more the inspection system is totally unfair for the childminder in a family home as its the one which was developed for the purpose built creche.
Write immediately to Minster Zappone, DYCA, your county childcare committee etc and explain your findings. They are well aware of the issues though but so far have refused to include the notified childminder.

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