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How Much to Charge

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26/04/2015 11:54 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Calculate at €8 an hr, round up to include food n fuel if you wish...draw up a contract..give a weekly rate but also state what each day is..add in note re holidays, sick, when u expect pay..get parents to sign it...v little, if any, room for misunderstanding simple workings are if you work extra hours you get extra pay at end of week, your booked they pay regardless of use...your time off no pay..discuss bank hols also..

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26/04/2015 12:13 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Tks for that, really appreciate it. So basically you get paid if you are available for work ? Realistically, do childminders get paid for Bank Holidays ? Would it be fair to expect one week, if not two weeks, paid holidays a year or would this be pushing it ? Tks

How Much to Charge           reply
26/04/2015 11:33 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi all, would really love some advice pls. I have been asked to mind two siblings, four afternoons a week in my home. I have school collections, although school is only a ten minute walk away, provide dinner and help with homework. I have quoted 130 euro for both kids term time only, hols will be more. Where I am confused is what, or do I, charge for sick days, hols etc. I have been minding part time for many years and always found this the biggest sticking point, I feel I have been ripped off many times and want to get all this sorted before I start. During the summer hols, I will have the kids part time, so should I expect to be paid when they take hols etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Angela.

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26/04/2015 14:13 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Im notified cm n dont charge bank hols, it depends on how u work things personally n how parents see things...
self employed cmers have no entitlements to any paid hols...for me its a step too far to ask any parent for paid hols as they have to find cover..

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