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How Much to Charge

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01/09/2016 07:51 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Before I fully answer, please let me know are you
Any experience: training / qualifications / mum
Garda Vetted
First aid
Which of the above would you have / what applies?

How Much to Charge           reply
31/08/2016 19:38 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Meath)
Hi all, would love some advice on what to charge for the following. Three children to be minded in my own home, dropped to me around 7.45, give breakfast. Older two girls can walk to school but I will need to drop youngest girl to playschool, a 5 min drive away and pick up. Give smallest child a snack and provide dinner for all three that afternoon. Pick up between 5 and 5.30.

Mum has offered me 250 euro per week. I will have kids during school hols, same offer of 250 euro. I have to let her know tomorrow so any input would be appreciated.

re : How Much to Charge           reply
01/09/2016 08:51 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
For some reason I cannot reply to your mail, having issues with my phone, so will just paste your reply and reply here too. :)
Your reply:
"Hi, I have experience, Garda vetting, first aid, some training but I don´t think that having these or insurance etc. would increase or decrease the rate I usually offer which is 5 euro an hour. I know they should make a difference but in the 15 years I have been minding I´ve never been asked about insurance, qualifications etc. Tks Anne"
I haven´t been doing it long but EVERYONE has asked about insurance - some have asked for both for childminding and separately for in the car if taking them out! I of course am covered on both (separate policies) and have a letter to confirm this - which parents get a copy of upon signing up with me!
I have been asked about experience - which I have a bit but mainly as a mum - most are quite happy as you can´t get more experience than being a mum!
Insurance is vital to protect the child and the minder and I wouldn´t dream of minding anybody´s child without it - nor would I have anyone uninsured mind my kids! It really isn´t expensive and for the peace of mind and security for both you and parents it is so worth it...........god forbid something happens you could be personally liable!!
All of these impact on what you SHOULD charge - you seem to have a great thing going but if you had insurance it would make it all the better.
Anyway, back to the original question, for the term time I would say that is a good price BUT for holiday time I wouldn´t be accepting it! It is far too low, assuming it is a 5 day week
I would suggest €250 term time and maybe €320 for holiday time! You´re doing more hours, have three kids for the full day, keep them busy, happy and do things as you can´t stay in all day so going out with them and everything that brings with it - especially if in the car - to cover your car insurance etc

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