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How is my son will do in Cork?

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14/04/2009 17:08 - Teenage Issues
An important thing is for your son to get involved in one or two extra curricular activities when you come to Cork. Don´t be frantic about it though. If he tries something and it´s not for him, don´t worry. There are other possibilities.
After he starts school and makes friends, activities they are involved in may become an option also.

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14/04/2009 17:05 - Teenage Issues
Ireland is a very different place now to the country it was ten years ago. We have had a large influx of students from overseas. You seem to be apprehensive about the move for your son but the most important thing is how your son feels. If you are positive and supportive, then things should be fine. Like all other school kids, he´s bound to have his ups and downs but it´s likely that if he´s sociable, he´ll be fine.

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15/04/2009 19:33 - Teenage Issues
Hi Lena. You sound very apprehensive about your move to Cork. This should be a time of adventure and excitement for you and your family. We came to Cork recently and have settled well. Don´t rush things. Don´t panic. Things will work out, bit by bit. You cannot expect to have everything arranged before you get here. You will learn new things every day when you are actually here. That´s the exciting part.
I contributed to another thread on primary schools near U.C.C. which you may have seen. I know it´s secondary school your son will be attending but I´ll contribute to that again and by reading it, you may even get some other valuable suggeations.

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14/04/2009 11:23 - Teenage Issues
It´s very understandable for you to ask a question like that but very difficult for anybody to give a definitive answer. Ireland has welcomed students and families from many countries over the past number of years. Students from overseas are not the surprise/novelty they once were. There is no reason why your son should not be welcomed too.
Often, it is far more to do with the personality of the individual than the country where he/she has come from that is more important. If, for example, a child is seen as being brash, that may turn some people off. The likelihood is, however, that your son will be fine and the most important thing for you to do is to relax and not to transfer any of your concerns to your son.

How is my son will do in Cork?           reply
14/04/2009 06:39 - Teenage Issues (Locality: Cork)
We are moving from California, San Francisco Bay area to Cork because of my husband research work at UCC, have never been in Ireland before. Our son is almost 14years old do you think he will be accepted by the kids in Cork secondary schools? He is very social, smart and athletic kid here, can you tell me, please how the teens are in Cork, Ireland?
Thank you

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