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How many preschoolers is too many?

re : How many preschoolers is too many?           reply
05/07/2016 23:13 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
As notified your own preschoolers aren´t included in ratios so the two minded kids your fine to stay notified. Unfortunately the benefits of being fully registered are simply not worth the extra work, inspections etc.
As for how many can one cope with...iv only ever had one fulltime at anyone time, my youngest was 18mths when I started and all others parttime either parttime days or parttime hours within the day. For me it´s freedom to leave the house or at least freedom to feel like I can. Can you get to a toddler group etc. Parents looking for good quality childminder will always ask how many kids in your care and for how long?

How many preschoolers is too many?           reply
05/07/2016 21:04 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I know the rules are no more than 5, but I´m thinking more along the lines of ´how many can I actually cope with´. I´m notified with local ccc but haven´t minded any kids full time since before I had my own 2 children (now aged 3 and 18 mths). I was thinking of taking on one baby full time, which I´m sure I could manage, but now I´ve been asked to take on a baby and her 2 year old sibling. So i will have my own 2 preschoolers and 2 preschool mindees.

I´m generally laid back and not easily stressed or flustered so I´m willing to give it a go. But I would like to hear other people´s experiences. I know I´d have to notify Tusla and have an inspection. How do I notify them?


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