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How many schools use workbooks not textbooks?

How many schools use workbooks not textbooks?           reply
27/07/2010 14:29 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I am starting to wonder if it is worth trying to get more schools to choose textbooks for their booklists rather than workbooks, so that they can be reused/sold/rented? I am annoyed at how I have paid for books each year that cannot be used again and wonder how many other parents feel the same? Also, does anyone know if there are textbooks available for primary? My sons school seem to use only workbooks, yet are very keen to get green flags to prove their efforts to protect the environment? I am considering bringing this up at the next Parent Association meeting, but am not sure if the idea is possible, or if the school will be interested. I am sure the parents would be as the cost is ridiculous and more parents are finding it hard as time goes on!
I would be interested to know if anyone else would like to raise this at their school, or if it is a problem for them....

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