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How much do I pay for 4 siblings

How much do I pay for 4 siblings           reply
11/02/2018 00:35 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
We had our 2 oldest kids with our childminder 4 days/week at a rate of €35/day each. They are part time now (1 after school, 1 after preschool) at a rate of €35/day. We have 9 month old twins due to go to the childminder in a couple of months 4 days/week so I´m wondering should I be looking for a sibling/twin discount?

Once the twins start going to the childminder she will also have 1 other kid 5 days/wk and 6 others part time (mornings/afternoons) including our older 2. What is the limit on no. of kids allowed to be in a childminders care at any one time? I had thought 6 was the limit but does that depend on if there are siblings? None of the children are related to the childminder, she is registered with the HSE, with what numbers I´m not sure.

In the school holidays 3 of the 6 part timers will be doing full days. I want to make sure everything is above board, if it´s a case that it´s not we might have to look at going elsewhere. Any advice or info is appreciated.

re : How much do I pay for 4 siblings           reply
11/02/2018 09:43 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Yes, more than 6 kids and she´s no longer a childminder... She needs planning permission to run her service.
Leaving aside the money...find out
1) is she def registered... Its Tusla (HSE was the past so fact your using this term rings alarm bells). See is her name on the your county childcare committee it should be (the notified are no longer on some CCC website as its only larger childminders the government are supporting).
2) ask see her latest inspection report if you can´t find it on pobal maps.
3) is she offering the new affordable childcare scheme? Tusla registered childminder can.
4) ask re her insurance... See is she on Childminding Ireland website..this only covers up 6 children. See Early Childhood Ireland is she a member, offers larger numbers but expensive for a childminder, more preschool/creches.
5) look at ages of under 6s not in school...has she her own? 5 is her max including her own.
6) does she offer school runs in a car ..check if she´s a person coming in to mind younger kids while she on school runs.
7) has she floor space for all these kids?
Have you looked at hiring a nanny in your own home. Be safer, more convenient, cost effective etc.

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