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How much extra for food?

re : How much extra for food?           reply
03/06/2015 19:00 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi, Iv never offered any food full stop...charging for food as a separate charge is seen as a way to fleece parents im afraid ie the parent see it that way...its the same as mentioning fuel when school run starts...if u do offer food id just give a rate saying this INCLUDES food...
Have u calculated how much a day you spend on food?
I was just reading post elsewhere where a cmer made a loss last year, she offered food...others advised batch cook n freeze etc or simply cut it out...society think your making a fortune childminding because your operating from your home with no personal childcare costs if own children but the reality is very different with ratios, location, supply n demand, breaks in employment etc

How much extra for food?           reply
03/06/2015 15:21 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi girls- apologies I keep asking for advice but this is all new to me! Just wondering how much extra to charge for food when minding 2 children. I understand the usual €5 an hour for one and €8 norm for 2 with no food. By food I mean a home cooked dinner and then snacks during the day( bearing in mind these kids seem to eat forever!!)- just wondering if it´s a certain amount per day in general? Thanks in advance.

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