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How much for 3 children

How much for 3 children           reply
31/05/2019 22:01 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Waterford)
I am a parent living in Dungarvan Co Waterford. I have 3 children ages 4 ,6 and 8.
School times :
Child 1: 9 to 12
Child 2: 8.50 to 1.30
Child 3: 8.50 to 2.30.
How much should i pay a childminder to mind in her own home Mon to Fri til 6pm? I will most likely do school drops but school pick ups required and possible evening meal. Not sure whether to set a daily rate or per hr rate. Also if i pay a set daily rate how much for a non school day from 9 to 6?
Would be grateful if ye can guide me please?

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