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How much is for french private lessons?

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23/09/2009 10:36 - Ask Mother Hen
For lessons with a qualified teacher, that is one who KNOWS the syllabus and exam structure, you should expect to pay at least 40e an hour. Beware of the people who advertise ther services as "native French speakers". Their French might be good but they do not have much insight in to the JC or LC exam.
In my experience it is better value for money to attend a small group grind (say 4-5 pupils) with a qualified teacher and the cost will be around 10-15e per hour.
Best of luck.

re : How much is for french private lessons?           reply
23/09/2009 11:27 - Ask Mother Hen
I am a fully qualified French teacher who gives private tuition in French and Italian for €30 an hour. I have lived in France, worked in a French University, and also taught L.C. Higher level French at Secondary level here. I sometimes do courses for L.C. students to prepare them for the oral examination but I mostly teach adults in groups that work out at €10 a lesson for them. I think the price depends on the conscience of the teacher..I live in West Cork, but with a bit of luck, you should find someone suitable near you. You could contact the French Dept. at U.CC and ask a professor there if they know of any students who would be suitable. many M.A. students would be glad to earn a few bob, and you really only need to look at the past exam papers and the marking schemes online to know what is required. . Best of luck!

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24/10/2009 10:13 - Ask Mother Hen
hello !
I´m Marion, a French native girl juste arrived in Cork for a trainee as a receptionist.
I saw you was looking for French course for your son in your house.
I have a baccalauréat (equivalent of the A level) with an excellent level in French.
I can give your son French course for only ten euros per hour, because I´m not a teacher. But I´ll be able to have conversations in French with your son and some grammar course, and I´ll teach him a lot of vocabulary.
You can send me an email if you are interested :
Thank you.

re : How much is for french private lessons?           reply
10/02/2013 08:14 - Ask Mother Hen
I have to say that getting lessons from someone French will extremely help the ´oral´ part of the exam! But someone else would be great for the curriculum area,so definitely look into someone who will come have a chat in French as that´s not a waste! When my child got grinds not long ago it was €30 an hour but rates vary!

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31/08/2012 08:52 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, Are you still teaching French? If yes, could you contact me 0830028037. R

re : How much is for french private lessons?           reply
23/09/2009 13:15 - Ask Mother Hen
I have to agree with amanda here. I think you would be taking a chance getting a student to do private French lessons. They might have done the exams themselves, but they are not teachers. You would be far better off getting a qualified French teacher and 30-40e per hour seems about the going rate.

How much is for french private lessons?           reply
13/08/2009 17:03 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
I am looking for my son private french tutor at my home as i don´t drive and i wonder how much usually do the tutors charge per hour?

Thank you

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30/09/2015 15:42 - Ask Mother Hen
Hello, are you still teaching French in west Cork. I am a Leaving Cert student looking for grinds and would be grateful if you could give me a call on 0863573865. Regards, Clare

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