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How much pocket money for a 10yr old

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13/12/2011 13:58 - Money Matters
Hi Moya
I give my 11yr old boy €25 per month so that he has to budget for the whole month. If he want to rent any games/dvds, go to see a film, buy xmas pressies, sweets, a comic etc he has to spend from his pocket money. If we are out in the shops and he hasn´t any money for sweets/comic with him, I´ll buy them but he doesn´t get them till we´re back home and he ´buys them ´ off me (otherwise I forget to get the money off him). He´s good at saving some of his money and always knows how much he has - much better than my 15 yr old daughter who never knows.
He has weekly chores to do as well but we don´t link it to pocket money - hovering and cleaning one of the rooms & emptying bins

How much pocket money for a 10yr old           reply
13/12/2011 10:55 - Money Matters
Can anyone give me a idea of how much pocket money I should give my 10 yr old. I have always bought what I thought she needed. Now I feel she needs to learn the value of her own money on a weekly basis. I do get her to help around the house randomly but as yet she doesn´t have saet chores.

re : How much pocket money for a 10yr old           reply
13/12/2011 11:17 - Money Matters
I have a 11yr/8yr old and we give them around €4.00 per week, and they have to help around the house and if they help out with any extra jobs, they get around 50c extra for each job. But if they misbehave too much they get money deducted! It works and makes them a bit more competitive with each other to help out. They save most of the their money up in the Credit Union to buy something they really want, games toys etc. They appreciate the game/toy more when they have bought it themselves.

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