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How much should I be paying, am i being fair?

re : How much should I be paying, am i being fair?           reply
08/07/2013 20:33 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
hi I mind pre-schoolers but my friend minds after school and she charges 5 euro per hour with a max of 20 euro per day. that works out at a max of 400 per month so yes I think you are over paying. it sounds like your childminder has it pretty handy and I wouldn´t pay her more than that for those hours. however I wouldn´t quibble over the Tuesday, its your choice to send him elsewhere that day. as for the home work, I believe that most childminders would supervise homework, but would expect the parents to check it. it is the schools link with home and the parents responsibility imo.

How much should I be paying, am i being fair?           reply
03/07/2013 11:08 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Looking for some opinions on this from Childminders or other people using Childminders.
My childminder currently minds my son in her own home, she lives beside the school gates. I drop him off at 8:30 and school starts at 9am, he runs in on his own. School finishes at 2:45 and he runs home to her house. I collect him at 5:10pm. So in total she minds him 3 hours a day. She is supposed to do his homework with him but she doesn´t check it and its the only thing he got a bad report on this year. She gives him dinner but its usually Hotdog, Pizza or whatever she has in her freezer. She is a lovely woman but I feel like I´m being taken advantage of. The last year one of his friends mothers takes him from school on a Tuesday. So she only has him for a Half and Hour on Tuesdays. On mid terms and summer holidays he tends to go to his Grandparents, I put him in Camps, His friends mother minds him or my relatives do. Only if I´m really stuck does she mind him. I have been paying her 500e per month, I have never cut this despite him not being there on Tuesdays any longer etc. Money is tight and I feel the need to reduce what I pay her but I want to be fair. Can anyone give me any advice on if I´m overpaying, underpaying or being unfair? Thanks

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