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How much should I charge

How much should I charge           reply
08/07/2017 21:08 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Meath)
Please help! I got a call about minding one child and she asked how much I charge and I said €5 per hour, but when they came to meet me it´s only from about 8.15 in the morning till I drop him to school for 9am and I have to collect him at 1.40 and the dad should be at mine approx 3.45 but could be 5pm some days, I´ve no set days and all they said it would be a minimum of 3 days, it´s not going to be worth my while for €5p/h, at the time when we spoke on the phone I thought it was full time, can I charge more?

re : How much should I charge           reply
09/07/2017 07:19 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Before/Afterschool is only worth it if your full-time cming and the sch child fits in or youv a few afterschoolers.
You can ask more certainly as your self employed but v difficult now increase the price without annoying the parents plus €5 is approx rate for an insured childminder.
Explain to parents and draw up a contract for the five days pay especially if you stick at the €5. You´ll be messed around, days swapping at last minute etc. Who supplying food? School runs are extra. Don´t forget activities, treats etc. Have you discussed what happens if child sick, school closed for a day, school holidays etc.

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